Things To Do

There are a lot of things to do in the local area and we are always happy to help. Below I have listed so of our top picks!


The Weston Inn, Kilmaurs is excellent and my top pick! Recommend booking though as it’s not very big. The bar bit is pet friendly but the restaurant is much more inviting.

The Loudoun Inn, just outside Darvel is lovely and make their own pizzas.

The Lairds Table is at Craufurdland, a nice restaurant and have a pet friendly area. Service can be slow at times but if you have a glass of wine then it doesn’t really matter does it! Its on an estate and there are some nice walks as well as lots activities happening at different times of the year.

The Fenwick Hotel has a bar and good food.

Dumfries House is great to look at the gardens and has multiple play areas which will keep children entertained for hours. There’s a good restaurant there or you can take a picnic!

Cochrayne Inn, Kilmarnock is great for food.

Best fish and chips ever! ...go to The Wee Hurrie in Troon but be prepared to wait as the queues are often long (worth it in my opinion)

The Coo Shed, Ayr. Lovely cafe for lunch and it’s on a dairy farm where you can buy fresh milk. I’ll take the bottles back for you to recycle if you wish to try some of their delicious milk.

We have a great selection of beef and pork from our online farm shop and fresh, homemade cakes are available to pre-order too.


Your welcome to walk down our lane and in any field WITHOUT livestock in. It could be muddy! But you can borrow wellies if you don’t have any.

Whitelees Wind farm has some great routes and a cafe for after.

There’s a nice walk in Newmilns which takes you along the river, up around a big house and back through the woods, this takes about 1.5 hours.

There’s a path in Cessnock woods at the top of Galston which is nice but it’s quite steep and might be slippy at this time of year.

Loudoun Hill, Darvel, is seriously steep and only 1km but a great view at the top! You can extend the walk by starting in the Village of Darvel

If your after a beach walk then Troon is 25min drive way and is a nice town too if your wanting a something flat

Finally, look at as she has some great walks, routes and some helpful information on the local area


I am happy to give you a tour of our farm, please send us a message and we will arrange a time

Newmilns has a Dri ski slope which is open to the public but I would advise booking in advance

Mauchline is the home of the famous Poet Robert Burns

Heads of Ayr Farm Park is good for kids if its a nice day and there are lots of soft play areas if its raining

This information is in the info pack in the property too! Hope that helps and if you have any more questions I’m happy to help,